Saturday, February 28, 2015

20 Summer/Spring Things To Do

Get Ready For Summer

(I know I know. It's not summer yet) But it's on it's way, so time for planning to make those days of summer *fun*. Plan ahead, be ready for, I'm bored what's there to do? Can we go to ?
Fun Things to do this Spring/Summer with the whole family for little to no cost. No money, no worries. Plenty of time and family fun for the whole Spring/Summer long.

We've listed our 20 top picks of costless things to do for the whole family. Your summer can be filled with lots of fun activities everyone will enjoy. So gather up the kids, get out there, and enjoy the sun.

1.Go to  a drive-in
2. Go to the fair
3. Play miniature golf
4. Design a great looking jar and catch fireflies (lightning Bugs) to put in it.
5. Go to the beach and build a sand castle
6. Go berry picking. Whether in your own backyard or someone else's farm. Great fun and baking ahead (if you can keep your hands off them)
7. Have an open fire out back and just have fun roasting hotdogs and marshmallows
8. Set up a lemonade stand and sell homemade lemonade
9. Don't forget about the little plastic wading pool. Set it up, jump in and stay cool.
10. Make a run for the ice cream truck that always comes around.
11. Have a barbecue , invite some friends/family and play horse shoes
12. Go to the park and have a picnic.
13. Grab a blanket and go to an outdoor concert
14. Go for a walk and pick some flowers along side the road.
15. Take a bike trip around the neighbourhood.
16. Saddle up and take the horse for a ride.
17. Get some sidewalk chalk and draw and play hop scotch
18. Go fishing or go to the zoo
19. Take a swim at a lake
20. Collect seashells and listen to the ocean.

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