Saturday, April 4, 2015

Movie Review - I Am Here

I Am Here Movie Review
About the movie:
When families want children and and can't have them, they turn to adoption but in the case of I Am Here, the desperate woman takes matters into her own hands to terrible endsSuccessful businesswoman Maria has achieved everything except what she wants the most - a baby of her own. She decides to deal with the matter by herself and embarks on a desperate and dangerous journey in order to make her dream come true.  

  • Genre: Drama/Thriller
  • Directed by: Anders Morgenthaler
  • Starring: Kim Basinger, Peter Stormare, Jordan Prentice, Sebastian Schipper
  • Country: Germany, Denmark

I couldn't wait to see this movie and glad I watched it. In my personal opinion I think it was great. I love watching anything with kim basinger and was not disappointed in this movie.You need to know where the directors were going with it and the meaning behind what they were trying to convey and you'll find you are going to enjoy it. There are other reviews not so positive but not everyone is going to like it.  I AM HERE features incredible performances from Kim Basinger, Peter Stormare and Jordan Prentice, and will be a discussion for anyone who watches it. 

Disclaimer: The movie reviews that I have listed here on my website are strictly for entertainment purposes only. To give my readers my opinion of what I thought of the movie. These reviews are this blog owner’s personal views. Any reviews posted by me in a negative fashion are not meant to deter anyone from seeing a movie based solely on what I have written. These views are strictly my own opinions.

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