Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Life As I See It~ What's The Deal Wednesdays~YouTube

It's my Birthday today. Not really any plans but there usually isn't anyway. Just turning older and I don't really think I want to celebrate that. But I am celebrating life. As they say Live ~Love ~ & Laugh Be Blessed everyone! Love, Mary

YouTube Videos
I just can't get over the youtube channels for all those youtubers out there blogging/vlogging about makeup, hair, clothes, organization, decluttering and more. I mean
how many are there. I've spent more than two weeks watching these to see what all the hub bub was about and I have to tell you I just don't get it.

They get on there and just chatter. Talk talk talk talk talk. About themselves, their hair, clothes makeup Etc.. How much they have , how much they spent, where they bought it, and how much more they want. Then you see them later on down the road telling, how to organize all of the stuff you have. Then even further down the road how to give it all away or sell it cause they don't want or need it and they start a decluttering/charity video or 12.

I mean really what is with this. And once someone does it they all have to do it. I say enough is enough already, Yes I know I don't have to watch them, and I won't anymore but I just wanted to see how many people were out there doing this and what they had to say for 40 minutes or so. Why everyone is talking/video recording the same things. So many of them on there are clearly bragging, while others think it the in thing to do and others still are trying to be cool and keep up with the crowd. I say break away and do something else. I mean do I really care where you bought your wardrobe big enough for 6 women for a year, how much you spent on one piece of makeup that would feed a family of 5 for a week or hear you chitter chatter about how to organize it all and where you bought your storage bins and how much they costs.

Are we really that bored with our lives, or do we just not have one ourselves and this is why we watch them. Because they  (vloggers) actually have one. Good grief. I'm leaving youtube behind for a while unless there is a movie there I want to see. I'll make my own life.

Just my thoughts, my views, my opinions on the YourTube matter.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting me here at country life. Be well , healthy and blessed. 
Love, Mary

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