Monday, July 13, 2015

Life At Home

Life has been busy and I've been filling my time. I have started my decoupage again and I am planning on making
items to sell. We'll see how that goes. I love doing things like this and plan on making quite a bit of items in various genres.

I have been  doing pretty good with my intermittent fasting.  I'm back on track. But not with my exercising so much, until I get my new treadmill my husband bought for me. It will be delivered on the 20th of this month and then I will get back to walking again.

My kitties are doing great and they are now 10 weeks old. But they are still as small as 4 week old kittens, so I'm not sure what's going on there. The mom is on the small side so that might be the reason.

I removed the table from my kitchen as I'm the only one that uses it anymore and so he got me a bar stool so I can sit at my island. It's good for me and I haven't missed my table to much, yet.
I got a new microwave and yes I know I said I wouldn't get one but he seemed to think it would be easier for him and the kids to use for quick one person microwavable meals and for heating and reheating, so he bought one and now it sits in my kitchen.

I have started studying my spanish again and hope to be able to pick it up quickly and easily again. It has been a little while since I put all my efforts into German.

Will keep you updated with more later. Hope you are all enjoying your summer and are well, healthy and blessed. Love, Mary

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