Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What's The Deal Wednesdays

British Flag

I thought I'd post about my visitors to my website.
I get a lot of them and I love them all.

The one thing that bothers me though is that  I get them from all over the world other than
Great Britain. I don't have any from there and haven't since I started blogging.(That I can remember)
Isn't that odd? I mean it is to me. Especially since I'm British. I'm 3/4 British /Scot-Irish and I can't get one person to view my website. At least these are the statistics listed on my blog.

So what am I doing wrong? Why aren't my people visiting my website? I don't have a clue. Maybe someone has a hint or a suggestion. To me I just think it's strange that so far I have had visitors from practically every country except this one.

Thanks for listening and visiting me here at CountryLife4Me. Take care, be well , healthy, blessed and have a great day! Love, Mary

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