Tuesday, March 22, 2016

More Than A Pet Peeve

Hands Free Sneezing 
I have been asked if I'm a germophobe because I have O.C.D. And I have little quirks and oddities. The answer is simply no. But here are a few things I can't do that has nothing to do with the fear of germs. They are things that just disgust me.  This is why I will not eat at anyone's house. This is why I always have some type of cleaner in my hand and in my purse when going out. Especially to the store (grocery store especially). I guess I'm like
Monk in this matter. I will always have or ask someone for a wipe and lose it if I don't have
Clorox-Keep it clean!
something to clean my hands , arms and face with immediately. They are not a pet peeve they go beyond that. Why am I posting this. I have people around me that do No.5 and think it's better to let it fly than to cover and just wash their hands and I have been seeing this a lot on you-tube videos when (especially men) cook and sneeze without covering their noses and then serve up the food to their unsuspecting loved ones. EEWW!!!

Beyond Pet Peeves
1. Shaking someone's hand. I can't do it. Never have been able to.  To me it's disgusting. And I can't stand the feel of someone's palm against mine.
2. Eating or drinking after someone. I don't care who you are. I won't do it. It is really quite disturbing if you think about it.
3. Using someone else's tooth brush
4. Using a toilet without first using a clorox wipe first (this includes my own home)
5. People who don't cover their nose when they sneeze are completely and utterly disgusting to me.

 Here's why:

Did you know that, it is a fact that sneezing helps keep your body safe. Sneezing is an important part of the immune process, helping to keep us healthy and sniffle-free.  Sneezes protect your body by clearing the nose of bacteria and viruses

But did you also know that sneezes can travel at a speed of 100 - 200 miles per hour and a single sneeze can send 100,000 germs into the air. So if you sneeze and didn't cover your nose ,now everything in the room has disgusting snot all over it, in it, and on it. Counter tops, door handles, chairs, beds, food, plates and cups, your sink, stove, tub, everything. 

Once airborne, viruses in these tiny droplets can survive for hours. Even if the droplets hit a surface, the viruses can survive and still spread disease if the droplets become airborne later. When a droplet lands on paper, its virus particles can survive for hours. On steel or plastic they can survive for days.

Do you clean each and every item in that room after each sneeze? If no, not only everyone else but yourself included are getting those germs, and snot all over them . Their hands are now touching their face, eyes, mouth etc.. getting snot all over them as well as germs that might potentially make them sick. Over their children when they touch them, hug them, play with them or feed them.

Disgusting? No!?  Yes! 

Some Superstition about sneezing are:
1.it's not true that your heart stops when you sneeze
2. your eyeballs cannot pop out of your head when you sneeze
3. the belief  that if you sneeze, company is coming over

Thanks for visiting. Be well, healthy and blessed. Love, mary


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