Sunday, March 27, 2016

New Beginnings

Healthy Lifestyle
Now that Spring is here, I have decided to change things up a bit. Leaving the old and moving forward with the new. I'm going to focus my blog on particular
posts. Which means that I will be writing about things within a certain genre, which will be about family and our lives, what is going on,what we are up to . also postings which will include photography, and health related posts.   I will be writing about :

  • Health and Wellness
  • Fitness and Exercise
  • Home Remedies and Pain Relief, 
  • Article on Healthy Eating including Vegetarian Recipes for a healthier lifestyle
  • Plus Family and Life Happenings -What we are doing, what is going on, that sort of thing. 
  • Photography- Photos I or my daughter have taken and want to share- We love doing this and love to share our photos with all of you.
  • Reviews, Any review pertaining to these topics
I will leave all the content that is on my site here, as I have had a lot of people interested in the things I have posted. Also any reviews that I am currently getting ready to post, as I have either been paid for or received a copy of a book for the purpose of a review, will still need to be posted, as promised by me. I will still do some reviews, but they will be on things that I have mentioned above. From Recipes to healthy cooking recipe books, to exercise equipment and tried home remedies that work for me. 

I am changing and therefore my blog will be changing. My interest and lifestyle are going in a different direction therefore so goes my blog in the same direction. As far as my photography, it will still exist in the photos I take that I will be using for my posts I make. 

I hope you will still frequent me here and enjoy the posts I make. Maybe take away with you some helpful information, lessons learned or a healthy recipe to try.  The year 2016 is make a change year for myself and my blog, with every turn ahead a new beginning.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting me. I hope you will be well healthy, and blessed. Love, Mary


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