Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Over 50 Exercise and Equipment

Over 50 Workouts
Exercise and equipment for those over 50
I thought I would first post for those in this age group for the fact that a lot of us do not exercise as we should when we start to get older. Finding it
difficult and figuring it's okay because we are older. We can slack off some.
But in fact aging is not an excuse to avoid exercise at any means.

When you think about exercise equipment for the over 50 crowd you should always first consider the individual's fitness level.
While treadmills and elliptical fitness machines are great, some of the best exercise equipment may be those you've not tried.

Here are 4 pieces of equipment that should be included in our daily work-out routines.

1. Strength Training Fitness Equipment
The Smith Machine. Invented by fitness legend Jack Lalanne.
The Smith machine is a weight-training machine with a sliding barbell that moves up and down on steel runners.
Great for beginners, it allows you to perform multi-joint, and multi-muscle movements. It is great for working quads, hamstrings, and glutes, while the weighted bar works the muscles of the shoulders, and upper back.

2. Low back extension machine. Strengthening the muscles of the back.
Look for a low back extension machine like the Nautilus or the MedEx, in which you work sitting and strapped in so that your form stays intact.

3. Wrist and forearm machine. We need to exercise the wrists as they are weak joints , especially for women. With a wrist/forearm machine, you can work the wrist in all directions .

4. Ankle/wrist weights.  Doing calisthenics with weights on your ankles or wrists can be very beneficial. The little bit of added weight will help to tone, tighten and burn a few extra calories.

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