Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The 4x4 Diet By Erin Oprea

Countrylife4me Book Review

About the Book:
Discover the 4 key foods and the 4-minute workouts that will change the way readers look and feel in just 4 weeks. Celebrity trainer and former marine Erin Oprea's motto is "lean and clean." Her unique 4 x 4 diet shows readers
how to get clean by reducing the 4 major hitches in most diets: sugar, starch, sodium, and alcohol. She also tells readers how to get lean, using her 4-minute tabata workouts: 8 repetitions of 20 seconds of high-intensity moves, then 10 seconds of rest. Within 4 weeks, the average person will be able to reduce bloating and belly fat; gain increased muscle definition in the arms, legs, and stomach; improve cardiovascular endurance; and break sugar and sodium addictions. Complete with meal plans and recipes, the 4 x 4 diet is perfect for anyone looking to streamline their body and lifestyle.

I think this book is pretty good. You have the first part of the book explaining the four things to focus on.
The next part puts you at focusing on food and recipes.
She also talks about the four main causes for the bad appearance of our bodies – which are starch, sugar, alcohol and sodium.
I like that fact that she talks to people who are inactive and unhealthy and also people needing some improvement. The book basically provides a plan to follow (really simple)  and an explanation  to why. Why she is telling you this and why it is important to do them.
She provides a meal plan, tells how to grocery shop and even how to prepare the foods.
She has a work out plan that will fit your schedule, no matter what. Just four minutes a day. Everyone has four minutes.
This book doesn't promote zero carb diets or eating minuscule portions and is not a fab diet.
I do believe this book is mostly for those with no knowledge of eating healthy or exercises that need to be done. If you know a lot about nutrition and exercise, if you're already fit and active this book will not be for you. If you don't have knowledge or are a beginner or have a mostly seditary  lifestyle, this will be a very helpful book.

I received this book for free from blogging for books.

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