Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dollar Tree Dinner - Pizza Night

Dollar Tree Dinner

We bought some food from the dollar tree to try. Here is the pizza ingredients we bought (Pictured above) and what we thought of the pizza from the Dollar Tree. We did buy some

more to try , like the foot long burritos and the lobster, & chicken, & shrimp egg rolls. My daughter and I love egg rolls so this will be a good test. We think we're going to love the lobster ones best. We'll see.

We are having pizza tonight. Not such a healthy meal but it is less ingredients, which mean less sodium, fat and calories. We are eating a cheese pizza. No sausage (we don't eat it anyway) no bacon, no ham, no pepperoni. So it's kind of healthy, right?!

I wanted to try it because I went to the dollar store and bought the ingredients there. So we're trying it for the first time.

The pizza's come 2 in a pack. Perfect if you have little kids and plenty for us older folk.
The sauce wasn't half bad. I only used 2 jars of that. And the cheese was not good for me. It was mexican style (there was no other kind) and it was kind of like a plastic that really didn't melt very well. If you leave it in long enough it will eventually soften but I found this to be an undesirable taste and texture. Luckily I had other cheese to add to it, which did help.

The kids seem to like it okay. Said it tasted good. (But really, my kids would like anything if you said it was food). I on the other hand I didn't care for it to much. It wasn't that bad , just not my favorite taste. I wouldn't buy it for myself again. But I will for my family if they want more of it.

So there is our small review of one food item so far from the Dollar Tree.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I hope you are well , happy and blessed. Love,


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